is all about creating lasting memories for the entire family. We understand how precious quality time with the family is, so we made sure that Mousa Coast is well prepared and created a family friendly environment that will last a lifetime. We intent to keep you stress free by enjoying the various activities, facilities and services at Mousa Coast. Our activities are tailored to each family member from kids, to teenagers, to parents, and grandparents, making the experience at Mousa Coast a unique one. It is the only spacious sea side city with seamlessly integrated entertainment operating all year long. On top of that, it is conveniently located close to Cairo.

Architecture design is pivotal to creating a soothing atmosphere and environment for any visitor. Well known architects such as “Shehab Mazhar” were chosen to design our uniquely designed phases. We provide a variety of designs catered to our customer needs such as Modern, American, Greek, Italian and Nubian.

Mousa Coast is one of the top five coastal projects in Egypt with a land area of 6.6 million meters square. It is an ongoing development mega project with a plan to reach a skyrocketing 16000+ units, with a shore of 3.5 km (the longest shore in Ras Sudr).